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Regular reports serve SEO agencies and their clients as an important means of communication. But how can good reporting be achieved? And which tools help to create? This article provides answers.

Reporting an SEO agency helps customers assess and evaluate their work. But not only external reports are common. Even within companies, SEO specialists have to submit their results regularly to the respective supervisor. And this is precisely where art lies: the customer must understand his reporting as well as the supervisor. Both require different information, a detailed level of detail and other additional information. What do SEO experts have to look out for? What key figures do customers and supervisors demand?
Before the selection of the key figures are according to SEO trainee three questions in the center. You determine how the final reporting looks.

How much knowledge of matter?
How much time did he read for reporting?
What other reports do the addressee receive?
A good reporting shows the overall development of the SEO work. The focus on purely positive developments is negatively influencing negative developments, especially in the field of rankings. Who could increase the ranking for individual keywords, so can boast of quiet. Also, falling rankings are not to be neglected. Ideally, the focus is on a few keywords with big changes, the so-called „movers & shakers“.

What numbers belong in an SEO reporting?

Kaja Keim and Georg Matzat at the SEOCampixX 2013 talked about „the perfect SEO reporting“. Your lecture on a survey among about 400 people. Approximately 50 percent of respondents are service providers in the area of ​​search engine optimization, around ten percent were customers. The results of the survey showed how strongly the requirements for SEO reports differ:

SEO experts in a reporting especially the visitor numbers and click rates (30 percent), the keyword rankings (25 percent) and the visibility (25 percent) indicate.
Customers demand, in particular, action items (25 percent), keyword rankings (18.75 percent) and visitor numbers and click rates (18.75 percent)
The following five key figures were at the forefront of all participants:

Traffic over the defined keyword set
Number of top rankings
Sales through SEO traffic
Rankings of the defined keyword set
Share of SEO traffic on total traffic
The problem is that the focus on rankings leaves the addressee unclear about the monetary value. Some agencies still deceive their largely inexperienced customers. In order to display only relevant information in the reporting, agencies should additionally specify the monthly search volume. Even more accurate are approximate estimates of the generated number of visitors or the actual numbers from Google Analytics.

SEO Reports: What tools help you create?

Virtually all cost-providers have built-in reporting capabilities. These include Sistrix, Searchmetrics, SEOlytics, Raven Tools and Moz. In the English-speaking market there are specialized software solutions. Two of the most famous vendors are advanced web ranking and colibri.

Advanced web ranking

Advanced Web Ranking: How to manage SEO reporting.
Advanced Web Ranking: This is how SEO reporting can be achieved.
The SEO software Advanced Web Ranking (affiliate link) provides automated reports including Whitelabel option, is also particularly interesting for agencies. The paid software is distributed in four versions. The most favorable version costs only 99 US dollars. From the second version, the reporting functions are also included. It costs only 199 US dollars.

Another alternative to the established vendors and Advanced Web Ranking is Colibri. The software combines several information (links, rankings, traffic, conversions) and offers automatically generated reports with Whitelabel option. The cheap version costs 45 US dollars per month. New customers can try the software free of charge during a 30-day test phase.

SEO reports with Excel or Google Docs

Another alternative are Excel and Google Docs. The spreadsheet program for Microsoft is loaded with „SEOTo

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